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Social Distancing

Changing Poison into Medicine

Social distancing can be heard for some of us
Social distancing can be hard for some of us

Dear friends,

As we all know that the only way to combat this covid-19 virus is ´social distancing ´.This means locking down ourselves away from venturing out, away from visiting our friends and only be at home, with our family members.

For most of us, these our unusual times, bringing mixed emotions, and sometimes very tough to sit at home 24*7, especially when we are out of habit of sitting with our family members for such a long period. Elaborating mixed emotions, this ´social distancing´ may prove to be a challenge to our mental health, leading to anxiety, frustration,anger, irritability and eventually making us run out of our patience!! For those at home, this period can be like the family time but for some it can be like ´testing patience ´ time. In the latter case, things can be stressful when we might be checked upon all the time, our waking – sleeping time being questioned upon, and being flooded with n number of queries regarding our habits and maybe future.

´´ Things are becoming quite boring and irritating. Only NETFLIX and Instagram are fun! My parents are so much fed up of me that they are starting to find the humor in anything I say. ´´ -A male student at home

´´I´v been reading a lot along with syllabus. Also, baking keeps me happy and am helping Papa in his garden. ´´ - A female student at home

´´I don´t like staying at home for long time and it´s a pain, surrounded by people, who neither understand you nor even try to, even in this time. Still, I am working, doesn´t matter how much, in such conditions. I´v completed an online course on SQL. ´´- A male having strained relations with his family members

´´I can´t sleep, eat, study and am mentally disturbed. I usually handle things but since the lock-down, I noticed I am losing myself. ´´- A Kenyan Student stranded in another country due to lock-down

´´I have always been interested in fashion, so started a project on that. During arguments with my dad, I have been able to stand up and say if my dad is being unreasonable. This has helped me a lot. ´´ - A daughter coping with her aggressive father

These are the testimonies of few people aged 20-30 years, across the world , sharing their hearts and how they are coping with their circumstances during stringent ´social distancing ´ norms in their respective places.

We need to accept the things as they are. We can be low but not defeated. The only option we have, is to come up with coping skills and enhance our patience, which can prove to be the toughest victory of ours. Sharing few tips to cope this unprecedented situation and be in good physical and mental health:

i) Set up a daily routine- Start your day with greeting your family members, followed by a lukewarm glass of water and then practicing yoga/meditation / exercise.

ii) Set your daily goals – for work from home, reading books, NETFLIX time, video-chatting, Instagram, virtual games. Engage in activities like music, dancing, playing games like Chess with your family members or even taking charge of kitchen for a day!

iii) Work out for 20 minutes in three slots, daily.

iv) Identify the triggers that makes you feel low- This is the right time to reflect on your mental health and identify any triggers. Reach out virtually, to someone you trust and who could be non-judgmental and lend you a patient ear. One such person is a Counselor 😊

v) Do not spend much time in news viewing and discussing the same.

vi) Stay connected with your friends, virtually.

vii) Eat healthy, sleep more and smile beauteously – Most of the time, we undermine the value of these, but these play a significant role on our mental well-being.

Friends!! Let´s transform this ´Self-isolation ´ mode into the best time to ´Know our-self´ - to know our strengths, weaknesses, interests, and what we aspire for , in our lives. Be grateful to small things, the big things and everything in-between. Remember, it might be stormy right now, but it can't rain forever. So, let´s be strong and happily count our blessings for being with our family members, when at such a crucial time, there are so many people struggling to get back to their respective homes. It can be the best time to connect with our value system, invest in our family bonds and initiate some lifetime memorable happy moments.

Hence, a symbolic time for unlocking our happiness and changing the poison of covid-19 into medicine of well-being and optimism!

Hence, changing poison of COVID-19 into medicine. 😊

-Dr. Venika Krishna

Counselor & Career Coach


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