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An unforeseen condition

A Comment on the COVID-19 pandemic from the future

Pre-Pandemic period, life was good. Things were in place, apparently. The world was progressing in almost every known field, every now and then, there were new discoveries, and there were new technological advancements, there were something new every day that most of us never cared for looking at, as long as our interests were not concerned. The probable reason could be our engagement in cooking own breads that we never tried to look beyond our own horizons. We were lazy. Life was busy.

Life has never been so certain to predict the next moment and it happened very much so, nobody could see that coming. A virus put the whole world into those unprecedented times with no known cure of it.

It was a setback to everyone seeing the world getting locked down due to the global pandemic. For some, it was a relief, while it was hell of a time for others. Some stayed home celebrating quarantine while some struggled to return to home. It was difficult to understand how to deal with this unprecedented situation, and distressing to stay at home with the prejudice of not been able to do anything from home, and ironically after a while, much of it was being done from home. While science was trying to find a way out of this problem, doctors were peerless in fighting the novel disease, administration was putting every single possible effort to diminish the consequences and then we had politicians, with the responsibility to lead them all, busy in cooking their own bread.

Few months before, it would seem to be a crazy thought that the world could ever has to face lock-downs, that the jobs could be carried out from homes, that the education could be imparted completely through digital modes, but you see, life is so uncertain and here we are, doing all those tasks which we never comprehended.

Well, life in quarantine was unusually good. Probably, some things were in place so well that they have never been so. Earth was healing. The pollution had declined, ozone layer was recovering, animals were roaming without being threatened, and environment had never been so clean in past few decades. Some environmentalists even considered the pandemic a natural reaction to the damage that human activities have done to the environment. The virus that was a curse for humanity was proving to be a blessing for many other creatures.

Hopefully, in next few months, all of this would be over and we would certainly win the battle against the pandemic. It’s high time to ask ourselves, what have we brought with us, as we walked out of our homes, with a sense of triumph? Have the things been in place, before pandemic, during pandemic or after pandemic, or ever? Are our innovations, advancements worth the price we might have to pay? Why did the innocents pay for someone else’s mistake? Are we not just trying to chase down the virtual happiness, that we are forgetting the real happiness imparted by our nature mother?

If the answer to any of these questions is a negation, another pandemic must be waiting for us :)

Now is the time we give it a thought before it gets too late!


About the Author

The author, Ayush Devra belongs to New Delhi, India and is currently pursuing his Bachelors from Hindu College, University of Delhi, India. Being academically bright and ambitious, Ayush believes in simple living and high thinking. He aspires to pursue his Masters in Business Administration from the prestigious institute where he can get the opportunity to learn and grow with and as, global leaders.

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