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Dr Venika Krishna

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I am an Educator, International Counselor and Career Guidance Worker, whose journey began in India and extended across Europe, exemplifying my commitment to foster mental well-being and career development in diverse cultural contexts, globally.


Background and Journey

The journey into the educational world began as a volunteer at a Deaf and Dumb School in a small town on the banks of river Ganges in India. This experience allowed me to recognize my personality traits of compassion and empathy and with over 20 years of working with young people, in different roles such as teacher, administrator, Principal, and as a Counselor, I gained deep insights into student problems.

International Experience and Counseling Approach

Coming to Europe was my " choice ". I wanted to travel, explore the world and at the same time felt the need to contribute on global platform, through the training and experience I had gained by working extensively in India, a country known for it's cultural diversity. I consider myself a blend of European and non-European cultures, enabling me to connect with people from diversified cultural backgrounds and different nationalities, in school and university set-ups, coming from different continents.

As an Educator, I assist students in Math, Science and English in IB and other international curricula.


As a Counselor, my approach is person-centered and empathetic, emphasizing trust-building and non-judgmental support. I address academic, personal-social, and career concerns with confidentiality and care, helping clients open up and overcome their fears and insecurities, through therapeutic sessions.

Counseling Souls, and it's mission

Counseling Souls, my dream project was born around 2017 with the efforts of Ms. Chetna Krishna, Co- founder, with a mission of "no person should be left behind in the fight against mental health problems".


Through this venture, I intend to provide culturally sensitive and effective counseling services, to people across the world, with especial focus on migrants, expatriate issues and trauma.

Specialist Areas


​You may get in touch with me if you relate to any of the following:​

  • Bullying

  • Study management

  • Career Guidance

  • Anxiety and Phobias

  • Relationship concerns

  • Anger Management

  • Adjustment issues due to school change or migration to another country

  • Difficulties with Self-Esteem 

  • Stress Management

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Domestic Violence

  • Addiction & substance misuse

  • Self-harm

(Concerns highlighted are my specialist area of therapy)

Dr. Venika Krishna

Educator. Psychologist. Career Specialist

Member of Internation School Counslor Association ( ISCA)

Level 2 Member of Australian Counseling Association

M.A ( Psy), DCGC, GCC, M.Sc (Math), Ph.D, B.Ed

Contact me via:


Appointment Link :

Chetna Krishna


Chetna Krishna is the co-founder of Counseling Souls. She has been the profound force in building Counseling Souls and enhancing it's presence, globally. She actively involves herself in social media networking and policy- making for the company.


She is a science communicator at CERN bringing science and fundamental research to a wider and diverse audience. She is a science writer, photographer and digital content producer who enjoys engaging audience online and offline: through social media and in-person guided tours of the Laboratory. She is a public speaker and cares for mental health and helping people in need get professional help.

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