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The Power of "Pause"

If you want to be a rainbow, you must know how to put up with the rain.

Yes! We all are at pause in our lives right now. No moving backward, no moving forward, just being there where we are. It's a very unusual situation that lacks words to define.

A life at pause is a life…

"If you want to be a rainbow, you must know how to put up with the rain."

How true this saying is! Rainbow is one of the most beautiful, colorful, and vibrant things that nature could bestow upon us. Moreover, it carries a deep meaning and its making indeed shows us the way of leading our lives. A rainbow shows us that if we can learn to face our challenges, storms, we can be a rainbow!

The making of a rainbow is not an easy phenomenon. It braves the rain, sometimes thunderstorms to be the most enchanting creation of mother nature. Finally, after multiple rounds of dispersion and total internal reflection through uncountable drops suspended in the mid-air just like our problems suspended in our hearts and minds, the rainbow makes itself visible and adorable. Similarly, our lives become visible and adorable, after overcoming doubts and fears over a span of time.

Just like a rainbow, that endures several pauses to finally glorify the sky, we all are facing a moment of ‘pause’ in our lives, currently. This moment is more like a comma, or a yellow traffic light where we have to stay calm, look both ways, inspect around, and forge ahead fearlessly. This ‘pause’, in our lives is to realize how far we have come, what all we missed, and how and what all better we could do in our lives. This time is also for introspection for what all and who all could we’ve lost, had the GAME OVER button been pressed instead of pause.

This is a moment in years, centuries and millennia where our past actions can be redeemed, redefined and even cherished and enjoyed, a moment where we can take a step back for a while in this rat race and determine if actually, it is the right path we are going for or do we need to switch. A moment where we irrespective of our cast, color, creed, boundary have been given another try; another attempt to redefine our lives.

Hence, comprehending the power of Pause.

So in this quarantine, though there is no moving backward and no moving forward but there is surely the time to lay back, relax and think forward.

Now we don’t lack the words to define: A life at ‘pause’ ... is a life ‘worthwhile’!

Dr. Venika Krishna

Counselor & Career Coach

Mr. Ayush Devra

Student Intern


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