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Get In Touch with Dr.Venika Krishna

  "Counseling Souls has a mission 'no person should be left behind in the fight against mental health problems'.

  To achieve this, we are committed to provide subsidized / free counseling sessions to those who are not able to afford fee.

Paying the actual fee of 50 Euros per session will be a great help to run our services seamlessly and forge ahead towards our mission :)"

- Dr. Venika Krishna

  • Please note that first session ( duration 30 minutes) is free for all which will be Online via Google Meet.

  • Subsequent sessions ( duration 50 minutes) will be charged according to the chosen subscription.       ( Details of different subscriptions will be discussed during 1st session )

  • Book a session on:

 Payment Details:

  1. PayPal


   2. Fee Payment via Stripe   



       LHV PANK : EE097700771009116062




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