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You cannot climb uphill thinking downhill thoughts!

Let´s assess your attitude. Choose either ´a´ or ´b´ options:

1. You have an interview tomorrow.

a. You attend a haircut, get ready with your dress and certificates.

b. You watch a movie, get up late in the morning and search for things.

2. Your father is upset with some problem. He needs your help but scolds you.

a. You go away from house.

b. You stay with him and give him confidence.

3. You asked your father for a new mobile. Your father does not have money.

a. You wait for time.

b. You make a row in the house.

If your answers are a, b, and a, you have a great positive attitude.

Positive attitude is

  • Encouraging others.

  • Not worrying constantly about problems

  • Not thinking about bad times

  • Not losing faith in oneself

  • Aiming for success

  • Showing patience

  • Facing problems confidently

Positive Attitude is also how you think about yourself!!


I have gone through hell and kept walking. I know my weakness.


It took me a long time to believe that. I have worked through my “unworthiness”.


And no one needs to convince me or comment on that anymore.

If you think about yourself this way, you have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!

So, friends! what matters the most is your attitude towards your own self!!

“I walk slowly but I never walk backward”

– Abraham Lincoln

Stay Positive- believe in yourself!

Attitude is everything and with positive attitude you can climb uphill. 😊

Dr. Venika Krishna

Counselor & Career Coach



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