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Who We Are?? What we Offer??


We are the bunch of Educators, Counselors, Social Workers and like-minded researchers from across the world, who aspire to work for holistic development of young minds and creating a Humane society.

" Having a Self- Knowledge is not only a hunt for a career, but it is a hunt for a life! "



we offer 

  • Comprehensive and personalized Counseling services for personal-social, academic, career concerns.

  • Mentoring to develop concrete evidence- based Career Road Map i.e. Mentoring towards GENUINE OPENNESS TOWARDS INVENTING TRUE-SELF.

  • Customized and need-based services to schools, communities and individuals.

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Our Vision

  • To focus on youngsters at risk of being early leavers from education & training as well as those disinterested in studies.

  • Focus to bring them back to education and training.

  • To Help in breaking cycle leading to social exclusion of young people.

  • To help in reducing Revenue Burden on the State.

  • To build a Comprehensive, customized and personalized Counseling services as per the needs and requirements of any diversified cultural community in across the world.

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Nafta , Tallinn, Estonia 10120

Call: +37255689863


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