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" Career Counseling is not only a hunt for a career, but it is a hunt for a life! "


It is a process of exploration for a deeper life, a victorious life , a life you´re prouder of.


" Who am I?", " What I want to be?" & " How do I get there?" are few such mind-raveling questions,  one seeks answers to.​

GOT IT!! works on the principle of  “Defining Career Path- A walk of Life” to help 13-25 years old youngsters. We offer

  • Comprehensive and personalized Counseling services for personal- social, academic and career concerns.

  • Mentoring to develop concrete evidence- based Career Road Map i.e. Mentoring towards GENUINE OPENNESS TOWARDS INVENTING TRUE-SELF.

  • Customized and need- based services to educational institutions, communities and individuals.

"We work not just for QUALITY OF LIFE but also for QUALITY OF SOCIETY ".

Hence, guiding through holistic life development.

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