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" Having a Self- Knowledge is not only a hunt for a career, but it is a hunt for a life! "


It is a process of exploration for a deeper life, a victorious life , a life you´re prouder of.


Career contentment is one of the few ingredients of happy and satisfied life. This satisfaction comes from knowing our-self, our interests, aptitudes and eventually being the WORK-LIFE DESIGNERS of our own lives. But,sometimes knowing own interests can be quite an intriguing and complex process. " Who am I?", " What I want to be?" & " How do I get there?" are few such mind-raveling questions,  one seeks answers to.

GOT IT......GENUINE OPENNESS TOWARDS INVENTING TRUE-SELF is a new venture under the banner Counseling Souls, founded by Dr.Venika Krishna, Educator, Counseling Psychologist & Career Specialist, where we help 13-25 years old youngsters, by providing personalized counseling & targeted support to cope emotional, social and educational  difficulties based on Holistic Work-Life Approach.

GOT IT!! works on the principle of  “Defining Career Path- A walk of Life”.

The value system can be summed up as

                        "We work not just for QUALITY OF LIFE but also for QUALITY OF SOCIETY ".

Hence, guiding through holistic life development.

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